Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

About US

Our Mission

This is very simple. We are trying to educate folks about Raspberry Pi devices and technology. It can actually enhance the knowledge and everyday tasks that are needed by folks. Everyday around you personally or around your house even your neighborhood there are tasks that need to be done.

My Story (History)

I have been in the IT business since 1989 after an injury that kept me from doing what I really wanted to do. It was actually by accident that I discovered the IT business and it so fascinated me that I signed up for school to learn as much as I could. Back in those days they just offered computer business programming degrees. Which is what I achieved and to this day I have never programmed lol. Well I have bash scripted and such but I ended up becoming a Systems Engineer / Systems Admin for Linux & Windows. More Linux than Windows to be fair. I graduated in 1991 my first gig out of school “PC Tech”.

Our Goal (And Benefits)

To pass on knowledge to everyone who seeks it. Seriously that is my goal and why this site exists.