Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Aproximate time: 30 minutes

Rancher is an open source management system for Kubernetes. It is a lightweight platform capable of managing a cluster or standalone install. It allows you to be as sophisticated or as basic as you want to be. I am going to show you how to install it in an unsecured manner on a VM in your environment.


  • 4 gb of Ram
  • 2 CPUs
  • 100 gb of Disk Space
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04+ installed

1 – sudo nano -c /etc/hosts ohdoc01.cfs.loc ohdoc01 ohdoc02.cfs.loc ohdoc02 ohdoc03.cfs.loc ohdoc03 ohdoc04.cfs.loc ohdoc04

2 – sudo nano -c /etc/resolv.config

3 – ssh into the Device

You must be root to perform the rest of this recipe
4 – sudo -i

5 – mkdir -p /etc/rancher/rke2
6 – cd /etc/rancher/rke2
7 – nano -c config.yaml

token: n3tw0rk2022   <- Any Shared Secret

8 – ctrl-x -> y -> save file
9 – curl -sfL | sh –
10 – rancherd –help
Look for the Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 – near the top
11 – systemctl enable rancherd-server.service <- Enable Rancher Service
12 – systemctl start rancherd-server.service <- Start Rancher Service
13 – journalctl -eu rancherd-server -f <- Check to make sure it’s installing.
14 – rancherd reset-admin <- Reset your admin password.

Checkout NetworkChucks video on a complete install w/K3s

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By Michael Cooper

30 years in it, Senior Systems Engineer

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