I have written an article and some instruction for using Raspberry PI OS on a Raspberry Pi 4. I prefer to use Ubuntu Desktop so only 21.04 that I know of supports Raspberry Pi out of the box. So I will go through the steps to get Ubuntu Desktop 21.04 up and running on my Raspberry Pi4 8gb.

There is another article here on the site that will show you how to boot to a usb device SSD/Thumb drive. This is a good way to take advantage of the speeds the SSDs and such offer, however use a 3.0/3.1 USB Slot.

Here we go:

note: Whether you are using Windows or Linux download Raspberry PI Imager to burn your Raspberry PI OS image to USB/SSD/SanDisk

1 – Use Imager to burn to your disk

2 – Choose the os you want to use:

note: I use Ubuntu Server So I choose Other general purpose OS

3 – Select Ubuntu Desktop 21.04

4 -  Choose your storage

5 - Click write and wait for it to complete.

Choose your Language/Region/Keyboard Layout.
Choose your TimeZone Mine is US Eastern/New York
Create a User Account and Password.
Wait for Install Process to finish.

When it completes you put the SD card in to the PI and power it up.
You will go through the normal prompts for an Ubuntu Install.
Once that is complete reboot the pi and you should see something similar to the following:

Ubuntu Desktop 21.04

My desktop looks like this:

Ubuntu Desktop 21.04

Now all you have to do is add your applications some of the ones I add are:

Remmina, Slack, Discord, notepad plusplus, VSCode, screenshot, cura. There are a ton of apps out there for linux just look for what you want &  install it.

I do use mine as a workstation, most people say it's to slow and such, but I like it and yes it can be slow at times. For the most part it's fine and has decent speed.

I actually use it with ZOOM, I have tried teams yet but I am going to soon. But it is a good alternative to Microsoft Windows 10.

Thanks for stopping by please contribute articles to this so we can build a nice Ubuntu RPi goto place.