I have been in the IT business for 30 years this year. I had not decided on a career path before 1989 and I was basically just a wondering nomad. I went to South America and that is where my passion for IT began. I was bored and decided to take some classes at the local college down there. I was totally captivated by the old monochrome laptops. I was playing a text game of course (back then graphics weren't very good). I said to myself "I would love to be able to do this!"

So I enrolled in school and I graduated with a 3.66 out 4, which back then was really good. Little did I know I actually had a brain that worked. That was scary. I started out as a PC Tech and a guy who worked there told me the future was Systems Administration and taught me everything he knew and walla here I am 30 years later.

I have been a Raspberry Pi enthusiast since about 2013, However I wasn't able to dable in the technology. The last 2 years with covid 19 and such and working from home I have been able to devote the time to playing with the technology and found it to be surprisingly stable and functional. I used to have 3 Dell Servers that just sucked up the electricity, my monthly bill was almost $100 more than what it should have been. Even with 17 PIs my electric bill is still less than what it was with one full dell server.

I am even using a PI as my workstation with Ubuntu Desktop 21.04 on it. It is very functional the only thing I don't like is I can't get live streaming tv to work on it. If anyone has any ideas on how to make that work I am all ears.

Tip: if your workstation is critical to your daily activities I wouldn't rely on the Pi yet. Even though I do, I still have a laptop with Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 for a backup.

That's it for the story about me. Please feel free to introduce yourself to the community and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for stopping by.